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Export Office365 users along with assigned licenses to CSV

Here is a small PowerShell script to Export all users in your tenant along with the licenses assigned to them in O365.

To Execute this you must have MSOL  PowerShell module installed which you can install by running following command

Install-Module MSOnline

Once its installed run following script

#Establish a PowerShell session with Office 365. You'll be prompted for your Delegated Admin credentials

if (!$UserCredential)
$UserCredential = Get-Credential

Connect-MsolService -Credential $UserCredential

Get-MsolUser -All | select DisplayName,USerprincipalname,islicensed,{$_.Licenses.AccountSkuId} | Export-CSV C:\<FileName>.csv


PCF Control – Address Finder for New Zealand region

Recently Microsoft released preview version of PowerApp Component Framework which enable developers working on Dynamics 365 to create cool custom controls and enhancing the capability.

I have Utilized it to create Address Finder control which should work for New Zealand region.

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Generating SSRS Report and adding it as an attachment to a record using JavaScript

Recently I had a requirement to generate a report and add it as a Attachment to a record on click of a button.

In the following code just replace ‘reportname’,’reportGuid’, ‘strParameterXML’ and ‘CRM_ReportParameterIfAny’ with the actual values and bind AttachReport Method to ribbon button commannd.

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